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Culture and Arts

Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Part of the Harry Potter series

Written by J.K. Rowling

Published in 2003

Fifth installment in the series

Follows Harry as he returns for his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry faces new challenges, including a cruel new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and the return of Lord Voldemort

Forms secret group of students called Dumbledore's Army to resist the oppressive new Ministry of Magic

Addresses themes of rebellion, loss, and the dangers of censorship

Book sold over 12 million copies in the first 24 hours of release, breaking previous records.


Research on how ICT has been adapted in learning and teaching at MES College of Arts, Commerce, and Science.

ICT has revolutionized traditional teaching methods.

Learning has become more interactive and engaging for students.

Teachers have benefited from using ICT to better organize lessons and assess student progress.

Access to online resources helps students understand topics better.

ICT facilitates communication, collaboration, and information management.

It also assists students in research, improves knowledge retention, and develops 21st-century skills.


Culture affects how often children speak up in social situations and how easily they accept group rules

Culture influences a child's nonverbal communication, such as gestures and use of personal space

Culture impacts how children complete tasks, with some cultures valuing schedules and completing one task at a time, while others prioritize multitasking and have less emphasis on meeting deadlines.


Karate originated in Japan

Judo focuses on grappling, throws, and joint locks

Tai Chi is considered a gentle martial art and focuses on slow movements

Kickboxing focuses on powerful kicks and punches

Boxing is focused only on powerful punches and blocks

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu focuses on ground fighting

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that focuses


Authentic culture in post colonial debates

Demand for a rejection of colonial influence

Recuperation of authentic pre colonial traditions and customs

Cultural authenticity becoming entangled in essentialist positions

Cultures may develop and change as conditions change

Early anti colonialist writers less concerned with cultural essentialism



U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo met with Minister of Commerce of China Wang Wentao

They discussed the U.S.

China bilateral commercial relationship

They discussed progress made under the commercial issues working group

They planned to hold an in-person meeting in early 2024

Subject matter experts from both sides will hold technical discussions in January 2024

They discussed strengthening the protection of trade secrets and confidential business information

The Department of Commerce looks forward to working with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to promote increased people-to-people ties

The U.S.

China Tourism Leadership Summit is scheduled to take place in May 2024 in Xian

Secretary Raimondo emphasized protecting national security

U.S. export controls are narrowly targeted and not designed to contain China's economic growth


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Population growth impacts demand for public works services

Economic conditions affect demand for infrastructure development and maintenance

Government policies shape the demand and supply of public works services

Technological advancements affect demand and supply of public works services

Social and demographic changes impact demand for different types of public works services

Environmental considerations impact demand and supply of public works services

Funding availability is a key factor in the supply of public works services

Legal and regulatory frameworks impact the demand and supply of public works services

Natural disasters and emergencies can have a significant impact on demand and supply of public works services

Public awareness and engagement can influence demand for public works services


Waste disposal is inefficient, leading to severe environmental pollution, high costs, and a lack of leadership in the disposal process

Waste management is a challenge for both developed and developing countries

Artificial intelligence can improve treatment efficiency, reduce environmental damage, and provide computational solutions for smarter waste management

The review is divided into nine sections, including definitions and the application of artificial intelligence in waste management

Artificial intelligence has practical applications such as smart bin systems, waste sorting robots, and predictive waste tracking models

Artificial intelligence can assist in managing hazardous waste, reducing illegal dumping, and recovering valuable resources from the waste stream

Artificial intelligence can aid public health interventions, including medical waste disposal and pandemic response

Artificial intelligence can optimize waste treatment methods such as recycling, composting, landfill, and incineration

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning techniques can improve waste classification, predict heavy metal levels in compost, and model waste incineration processes

Environmental variables can affect waste management artificial intelligence systems, causing fluctuations

Artificial intelligence can change how people deal with waste, leading to a more sustainable future with efficient, economic, ecological, and intelligent waste management systems.


Stakeholders are people, organizations, or groups impacted by a company's operations

Stakeholder analysis involves locating and comprehending stakeholders, determining their significance and influence, and creating plans for managing and interacting with them successfully

Significant stakeholders for Ford Motor Company include shareholders/investors, competitors, employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, governments/regulatory authorities, and environmental/social advocacy groups

Investors have financial interests and expectations for dividends and profitability

Competitors include General Motors, Toyota, and Chrysler

Employees demand fair treatment, job security, and chances for professional advancement

Customers demand high-quality cars, dependable support, and affordable prices

Suppliers impact Ford's operations and output

Local communities are impacted by Ford's operations and CSR programs

Ford is subject to laws and regulations by governments and regulatory authorities

Environmental and social advocacy groups are concerned with Ford's environmental impact, sustainability initiatives, and social responsibility efforts.


Environmental and natural resource education is responsible for educating the public and preparing students for careers in the industry.

The environmental and natural resource career development event aims to foster student interest in the field.

It also promotes environmental and natural resource instruction in the agricultural education curriculum.

The event provides recognition for individuals who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of environmental and natural resource instruction.


Environmental philosophy explores the ethical, metaphysical, and epistemological aspects of our relationship with the natural world.

It addresses questions about the value of nature and our moral responsibilities toward the environment.

Environmental philosophy considers perspectives such as anthropocentrism, biocentrism, and ecocentrism.

It explores humanity's role within the broader ecological context.


Environmental impact of a gathering association includes factors such as fuel results, waste management practices, energy use, water use, and overall footprint.

Many associations have implemented environmental strategies and initiatives to reduce their impact on the environment.

Key areas of focus for these initiatives include fuel efficiency, waste reduction, renewable energy use, water conservation, and overall sustainability.

Implementing these strategies can help organizations reduce their carbon emissions, conserve resources, and decrease their ecological footprint.

Some organizations have also taken steps to offset their environmental impact by investing in renewable energy projects or participating in carbon offset programs.

It is important for organizations to continuously monitor and evaluate their environmental impact and make adjustments as needed to ensure ongoing sustainability efforts.


Both environmental and intrinsic factors contribute to EBD

Environmental and intrinsic factors shape temperament

A mismatch of social environment and the child's typical behavior can exacerbate difficult temperament


Nature vs. nurture debate is a prominent philosophical debate within psychology.

Nature discusses the influence of genetics on an individual's personality.

Nurture refers to the impact of the environment, including relationships and experiences, on personal development.

Both nature and nurture contribute to shaping personality and behavior, with a significant emphasis on environmental influences.

Research shows that environment-related factors like parenting styles, social relationships, and culture profoundly impact an individual’s development.

A nurturing environment with supportive caregivers often results in positive personality traits like empathy and self-esteem in children.

Children experiencing neglect or abuse potentially develop negative personality traits like aggression or anxiety.

Environmental factors can influence an individual's behavior

children exposed to violent environments or substance abuse are more likely to engage in similar behaviors.

Genetics and environmental influences equally contribute to the shaping of personality and behavior.

Understanding the dynamic between nature and nurture is vital for understanding human development and formulating effective interventions for at-risk individuals.


Nature is depicted as sublime and awe-inspiring in Frankenstein

The novel vividly describes the natural landscape, evoking emotions of beauty and terror

This reflects the Romantic era's fascination with the untamed forces of nature and the sublime

Nature contrasts with the negative consequences of human ambition and scientific pursuit

Victor Frankenstein's obsession with creating life leads him to manipulate the laws of nature with unnatural and horrific consequences

Nature provides solace, healing, and restoration for characters in the novel

It acts as a counterbalance to the unnatural and artificial world created by Victor's scientific experiments

Nature carries moral and spiritual lessons, offering guidance and wisdom

It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of ethical responsibility

Overall, nature in Frankenstein serves as a backdrop, contrasts human ambition, provides solace and healing, and imparts moral and spiritual lessons


Environmental policy and climate policy involves considering the value we place on the future.

There is a dispute between economists and others on how much money should be set aside for the future.

Economists use discounting to calculate how much money should be set aside for future consumer goods.

The discount rate, how far in the future, and the type of good being purchased all affect the present value.

There is a debate on the appropriate discount rate to use for climate policy.

A refusal to act on climate change could lead to a decline in future prosperity and exacerbate global inequities.

The idea of discounting the future is questioned ethically as it may prioritize present interests over the interests of others.

Economics can be useful in decision-making, but it should not be the sole determinant of policy.

Ethics should play a role in setting policy ends.


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- Price pressures are moderating, but inflation remains sticky

- Economists disagree on the reasons behind persistent inflation

- Services prices continue to rise even as food, household goods and energy prices moderate

- Tight labor market is a factor, especially in service industries, but not the only culprit

Higher labor costs in service industries cited as a reason for sticky inflation

- Structural factors such as constrained supplies of goods and energy, shifting production chains, and geopolitical tensions contribute to persistent inflation

- The Fed is still playing catch up, having been late to recognize the scale of the inflation outbreak

- There are signs that the pace of hiring is cooling and that access to credit has narrowed, but inflation may remain higher for longer than expected

- Prices may take longer to cool than broadly expected, leading to a potentially sticky inflation situation.

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- Researchers at the University of Gothenburg examine how advanced AI systems impact trust in human interaction.

- Physicists, engineers, and mathematicians develop a new theory of multilegged locomotion inspired by scurrying centipedes.

- An artificial intelligence system enables robots to conduct as many as 10,000 autonomous scientific experiments per day, uncovering combinations of amino acids that could tell us more about bacterial species.

- A lab develops a deep neural network that improves the accuracy of their unique devices for detecting disease biomarkers in real time.

- Researchers create a fabric armband that doubles as a touch pad.

- Highly dexterous robot hand combines an advanced sense of touch with motor learning algorithms.

- Robots inspired by jellyfish could eventually help clean up the world's oceans.

- Kids prefer to learn from a competent robot than an incompetent human.

- Engineers use AI and wireless technology to monitor elderly people's health in their own homes.

- Caterpillar-like soft robot moves forward, backward, and dips under narrow spaces.

- Scientists develop fully biodegradable, high-performance artificial muscles for the field of soft robotics.

- Researchers introduce a head-worn device that will help individuals control a mobile manipulator.

- Biosensor technology enables individuals to operate machines solely through thought.

- Insect scale aerial robots with resilient artificial muscles can recover flight performance after suffering severe wing damage.

- Modular, multi-agent robotics architecture, Walking Oligomeric Robotic Mobility System, could be used to assemble and disassemble lunar-exploration robots.

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Economy and Business

Title: How to Start Your First Business

Method introduced: CASTLE method

CASTLE stands for:

Create a plan

Assess your finances

Select a legal structure

Think about licenses and permits

Launch your business

Establish a web presence

Create a plan:

Identify the problem your business solves

Define your target audience

Determine your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Research your market and competition

Assess your finances:

Determine your startup costs

Determine your ongoing costs

Explore funding options

Select a legal structure:

Choose a business entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC)

Consider tax implications and liability protection

Think about licenses and permits:

Research necessary licenses and permits for your industry and location

Obtain necessary licenses and permits before launching

Launch your business:

Implement your plan

Start marketing and promoting your business

Launch your product or service

Establish a web presence:

Create a website and social media accounts

Engage with your audience online

Video created by Ambitious Adventures on YouTube

End of video includes disclaimer regarding seeking professional help and advice

NFL Sunday Ticket 2023 logo appears at end of video, indicating partnership with Google LLC.


Outsourcing is the most important outcome of globalisation in the Indian economy

Outsourcing refers to hiring professionals from other countries at cheap prices

Outsourcing allows work to be done at low cost and from top sources and human resources worldwide

Services like legal advice, marketing, and technical assistance are being outsourced from the US, UK, and Europe

Outsourcing of contract work has increased due to the development of information technology

Communication has broadened, leading to increased economic activities worldwide

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies and call centers are being developed in India

Activities like accounting, bookkeeping, clinical counseling, banking, and education are being outsourced to India from developed countries.


20 years ago, a global compact of shared values and principles was proposed by a small group of United Nations and business leaders.

The compact aimed to mobilize businesses to incorporate ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

More than 12,000 businesses and 4,000 non-business participants have joined the UN Global Compact since its launch.

The compact's principles are based on universally accepted values, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Businesses that join the compact commit to implementing the ten principles and reporting on their progress annually.

The compact has created a global movement of companies committed to sustainability and responsible business practices.

It has also led to the development of various tools and initiatives to support companies in implementing the principles and achieving their sustainability goals.

The compact has been recognized as an important platform for dialogue and collaboration between businesses, governments, and civil society.

It has facilitated partnerships and collective action to address global challenges and advance sustainable development.

The compact's 20th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on its achievements and look ahead to future challenges and opportunities.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) is undergoing its biggest makeover in decades

The SBA is simplifying loan requirements, automating more processes, and expanding the pool of nonbank lenders

The changes will make it easier for financial technology firms to participate

The goal is to boost credit to small businesses that have struggled to get financing from banks

Critics fear that the changes could increase loan defaults and jeopardize the program

Legislation has been proposed to add regulations and oversight to nonbank lenders

SBA loans are crucial for many entrepreneurs, but the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming

Under the new rules, lenders can use their own credit policies to make SBA loans instead of following government guidelines

Some changes make it easier for entrepreneurs to qualify for financing and reduce down payment requirements

Three new nonbank lenders will be added to the current 14 licensed to make SBA loans above $350,000

The addition of nonbank lenders has drawn criticism for their lack of federal supervision.


The climate data in 2020 has had a significant impact on various sectors of Hyderabad's economy

Excessive rainfall disrupts construction schedules, leading to delays and increased costs

Climate aware planning is important in construction projects to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions

Temperature variations affect energy consumption patterns, particularly during warmer months

Energy intensive industries should invest in technologies and practices that optimize energy consumption during peak temperature periods

Outdoor oriented industries, such as tourism, are affected by shifts in consumer behavior based on climatic conditions

Businesses in these sectors should diversify offerings and implement flexible strategies to adapt to seasonal variations

Integration of climate resilient practices is necessary for businesses and policymakers

Infrastructure should be designed with resilience to extreme weather events in mind

Policymakers can incentivize climate conscious practices through regulations and tax incentives

Public awareness and education are important for fostering economic resilience

Informed decision-making can drive the adoption of sustainable practices and influence consumer choices and business strategies.


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Education and Training

Expectations are plans, dreams, or predicted events

Sellers need to understand customers' dreams to pursue sales

Fast food dreams are misunderstood in underdeveloped countries

Previous research has discussed product and service targets for various topics

Smart diet and quality products are preferred by most people

Customers have one-sided perceptions of social commitments

People should not try to hide their true perceptions of an item

Skilled customers receive information from various sources to get a bargain

Customers have a lot of knowledge on various subjects

Repeat customers need education on new items to avoid negative expectations.


World Niyuddha Federation is organizing the 41st Annual Niyuddha Workshop cum Training Camp in May-June 2023.

The training camp is being held at the Niyuddha Gurukul in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The training camp consists of two parts, Offline and Online Invisible.

The Online Invisible training will be conducted from 15 May to 14 June 2023 via Video Conference and WhatsApp.

The Offline training will be held from 1 May to 31 May 2023 in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The closing ceremony of the Offline training camp will be held on 18 June 2023.

Trainees have to fill only one online application for both camps.

The last date for registration for the training camp is 05 June 2023.


Project aims to create optimized task scheduling using reinforcement learning

Training a neural network model to make intelligent judgements on task allocation and execution order

Considers resource needs and system restrictions

Goal is to improve system performance and resource utilisation by modifying scheduling decisions dynamically based on learning patterns and optimization targets

Code aims to improve efficiency, eliminate delays, and maximize resource utilization in a computer system or distributed computing environment by optimizing job scheduling.


Training and Recruitment Division organized a session on Intellectual Property Rights

Collaboration with CRC Corporate Research Centre under the aegis of the faculty of Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University

Session on occasion of Intellectual Property Day

Keynote speaker was Mr. Arpit Kalra, associate partner in SS Rana Co.

Event began with introduction by anchors Ms. Vadehi Priya Dwivedi and Ms. Lata Negi

Guests of honor were felicitated by Prof. Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna Sir, Pro Vice Chancellor, Uttaranchal University and Dean, Law College Dehradun

Prof. Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna Sir addressed gathering and presented a welcome speech about Mr. Arpit Kalra

Speaker elaborated on meaning of "Intellectual Property" and discussed trademarks and their characteristics

Speaker discussed trademark prosecution and its process

Session included discussion on Patent, Royalty Novelty with practical examples

Interactive doubt clearance session was conducted by the speaker

Session concluded formally with a vote of thanks by Head of CRC, Mr. Iqbal Singh Sahani.


Developed a suite of computerized tests to assess memory, attention, planning, and reasoning

Tests validated in various populations and situations

Adapted tests to run online as the Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) cognitive testing platform

Tests completed over 8 million times, generating massive database

Acquired normative database of 75,000 participants with extensive demographic information

Collected cognitive data from 16,600 people as part of World's Largest Sleep Study (WLSS)

Short term objective: use existing datasets to answer questions about human cognition

Long term objective: design and conduct intervention studies to investigate relationships between lifestyle factors, demographic variables, and cognitive performance

Utilized CBS platform for various large-scale studies assessing cognition and lifestyle factors

Research themes include Sleep and Cognition, Cognitive and Physical Training, and Identifying the Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Behaviour Change

Physical exercise improves cognitive health

Mechanisms by which physical exercise improves cognitive health are unclear

Uncertain if certain forms of physical exercise improve certain domains of cognition more than others

Uncertainties surround the benefits of cognitive or brain training

CBS databases will be used to examine how physical and cognitive training habits relate to cognition across different domains

Long term effects of training on different cognitive systems will be explored

Large scale intervention study online will be conducted using custom designed training programs focused on specific cognitive sub systems

Targeted training programs centered around single tasks will be compared to determine the degree of transfer

Aerobic and resistance exercise both lead to improved cognition but their relationship needs further study

Laboratory-based studies will manipulate the type and amount of exercise to examine these relationships

Brain networks that underlie different cognitive domains will be studied to explore how changes in cognition are mediated by changes in brain function and structure

Multivariate methods will be used to investigate how demographic and lifestyle variables relate to specific aspects of cognition and brain function

Follow-up studies will examine variables that were most strongly associated with cognitive performance

At least 5 papers in high quality peer-reviewed journals are expected each year

Results will be of interest to educators, policymakers, human resource professionals, psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and the general population

Findings are likely to pave the way for scientifically validated interventions and programs to help individuals optimize or improve their cognitive functioning

The approach outlined in this proposal will provide a new paradigm for future scientists to explore human cognition


Organized Scan Coordinator with excellent attendance record

Strong communication and teamwork skills

Friendly and helpful to provide positive customer experiences

Motivated employee with time management and organizational skills

Seeking entry level opportunities for skill expansion and company growth

Committed and consistent worker who adapts to new challenges

Skilled in working under pressure to enhance organizational brand.


19 pandemic has brought widespread changes

Economic fallout increased jobless claims

Cracks in the American Dream were already showing up

The American Dream is about more than just wealth

19 pandemic provides an opportunity to rethink the American Dream

The American Dream has historically been limited to privileged groups

The pandemic has highlighted the brittleness of our society

Other problems and disasters threaten the American Dream

Growth has been a key aspect of the American Dream

Fixation on growth has hindered the response to the pandemic

The American Dream has enabled both conservative and liberal ideologies

Education has become lopsided for acquiring talents and skills

The American Dream has not reckoned with environmental impact

Acquisitiveness does not lead to happiness or wellbeing

The challenge is to maintain the achievements of the American Dream with fewer problems

Constant economic growth has produced side effects

Imagining steps beyond constant growth can be difficult

Small changes by individuals and structures can add up

The American Dream should focus on less material rewards and democratic hopes


Education can serve as a powerful coping mechanism in dire situations

Exposure to art, music, and literature can provide solace, inspiration, and a temporary escape

Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" is a great work of art that resonates with the author

The vibrant colors and swirling brushstrokes evoke a sense of tranquility and beauty

Looking at "Starry Night" can transport the author to a serene place

It allows the author to find strength and hope amidst adversity


Beginning with an end in mind is the concept of Outcome Based Education (OBE)

Educators design curriculum and lesson plans with a clear understanding of desired learning outcomes

It ensures quality education by focusing on specific expectations, providing clear direction, and facilitating effective assessment and evaluation

Starting with an end in mind enables educators to set explicit learning outcomes

Teaching methods, activities, and assessments are purposefully arranged to achieve desired learning outcomes

This principle promotes a student-centered approach

Educators can tailor teaching methods and strategies according to the needs, abilities, and interests of students

Education becomes more meaningful and personalized, leading to increased motivation and active participation

Effective assessment and evaluation are possible when educators have a clear understanding of desired outcomes

Appropriate assessment methods can be designed to measure students' progress and attainment of outcomes

Continuous improvement is necessary within this principle

Educators need to reflect on outcomes, strategies, and assessment methods to identify areas for enhancement or modification

Collaboration and involvement of various stakeholders are crucial in ensuring quality education

Involving all stakeholders promotes a comprehensive and holistic approach that addresses diverse needs

Beginning with an end in mind is fundamental to providing a purposeful, coherent, and relevant educational experience.


Implementation of K
12 plan in the Philippines Basic Education Curriculum is crucial for national development.

Government faces challenges in implementing the program over the years.

The program is necessary to improve the quality of education in the country.


Bureau of Continuing Education was created from the Education Act of 1982

Bureau of Nonformal education was created under the Aquino government in 1987

The state encourages nonformal education and out of school study programs

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) was established for non-degree technical programs

TESDA is responsible for skill orientation, training, and development of out of school youth and unemployed adults

Alternative Learning System (ALS) was established for students who were not able to complete their basic education

ALS is parallel to formal instruction and provides basic education for out of school children, youth, and adults.


Education resources such as books, libraries, and physical facilities are important for smooth running of the educational process.

The country lacks facilities such as books, libraries, and reading materials in all educational institutions.

Overcrowded classrooms are a problem in the education system.

There is a shortage of teachers in the education system.

The laboratories in educational institutions are ill equipped.

The overall situation has resulted in a low standard education system.


Descriptive linguistics was a new approach to the study of languages

Leonard Bloomfield was a leader in this new field

Bloomfield criticized traditional methods of teaching second languages

He believed that oral language should be given primary emphasis in the classroom

Language learning should involve overlearning necessary structural forms

The American Council of Learned Societies established intensive language courses at colleges and universities

The government turned to these linguists for leadership in teaching language skills to Armed Forces personnel during World War II

The linguists in the Army Specialized Training Program produced graduates who could function in the language

Public reaction was surprise and admiration at Americans learning a second language quickly

Questions were raised about why this had not been done before and directed at schools

Adaptations were developed to fit the school situation after 1945

Psychology established itself as a science separate from philosophy and physiology

Different schools of psychology emerged, including structuralists, functionalists, and behaviorists

Behaviorists rejected introspection and focused on observable behavior for objective descriptions


Prenatal care is important for healthy child development

Authoritative parenting style has positive outcomes for children

Education is influential in middle childhood development

Socioeconomic status can impact development

Cultural norms influence middle childhood development


Medical assistants may be involved in assisting with examination, diagnostic procedures, and treatments of the eye and ear

Understanding what is required during these processes will help provide the best care for patients

Skills required for eye examinations include basic examinations, slit lamp examination, and using the Snellen visual acuity chart

Medical assistants should be familiar with medications prescribed for the eye and be able to perform eye irrigation

Examination and diagnostic procedures for the ear may involve viewing the external auditory canal with an otoscope, tuning fork tests, and assisting with ear treatments

Ear irrigation, removal of excessive cerumen, and instillation of ear medications are all skills medical assistants should have.


The Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) is a membership organization for Medical Doctors in Ethiopia.

EMA's vision is a healthy and prosperous Ethiopian community with access to quality health services.

EMA's mission is to ensure the community receives quality health services and to promote the highest standards in Medical Education, Science, and Art.

EMA also works to protect the rights and benefits of Medical Doctors.


Global Citizenship Education addresses citizenship in a globalized world

GCE incorporates education, citizenship, and globalization as intricate subjects

GCE originated from Kerr's insights in 1999

GCE encompasses diverse perspectives and goals without a single institutional framework

GCE operates across various levels and times

GCE aims to democratize decision-making processes that impact societies

GCE aims to broaden its influence in the new world order

GCE aims to advocate for social accountability

GCE aims to foster international solidarity

Tolerance, inclusion, and acknowledgment of diversity play a central role in GCE

GCE reflects the diverse actors engaged in global citizenship initiatives.


American legal system based on the concept of precedent

Precedent is decided by principles established in earlier cases

Precedent can be overturned if it's no longer worth preserving

Brown v. Board of Education is a famous reversal of precedent

Court overturned decision from 1896, Plessy v. Ferguson

Plessy v. Ferguson allowed government imposed racial segregation as long as facilities were equal

"Separate but equal" doctrine provided constitutional basis for racial segregation

Changes in American society after World War II paved the way for reversal

Thurgood Marshall conducted strategic litigation campaign to undermine "separate but equal"

Marshall started with integrating law schools and won a Supreme Court ruling in 1950

By 1954, public school segregation was ruled unconstitutional

Chief Justice Earl Warren ensured unanimous Brown decision

Warren held off on a vote until he was certain it would be unanimous.


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- Experimental Alzheimer's drug called donanemab shows promising results by slowing cognitive decline by over 35% in a large clinical trial

- The drug works by removing plaque buildups in the brain known as amyloid, which is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease

- Lilly plans to file for FDA approval by the end of June for people with early symptomatic Alzheimer's

- The trial had some side effects reported including three deaths, two of which were attributed to adverse events such as brain swelling or microhemorrhages

- Almost half of the participants taking the drug showed no decline on a key measure of cognition over the course of a year, compared to 29% of people taking a placebo

- Alzheimer's affects more than 6 million Americans with an estimated 1.7 million to 2 million people over 65 in the early stages of the disease

- Drug development for Alzheimer's has been riddled with failures, but Lilly's drug is among a new group showing promise

- The first drug in this group, Eisai and Biogen's Leqembi, received accelerated FDA approval in January

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- Many people are choosing not to retire and continuing to work past retirement age.

- Some reasons for not retiring include enjoying work, finding purpose and value in work, financial concerns, fear of losing brain function, and desire for personal growth.

- Retirement may not always provide the fulfilling life people expect, and staying engaged in work can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

- Older workers can still contribute through virtual work, pro bono work, and mentoring younger colleagues.

- Healthcare concerns and financial stability are among the main reasons for continuing to work.

- Each person's decision to retire or not should be based on their individual handrails, including purpose, structure, financial security, and health.

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